Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Crude Oil Production Engineering (CP) * VALID
IPS Last Revision Bilingual/ Persian Title
IPS-G-CP-100 2018 P Petroleum industry- Downhole sucker rod pumps - Code of practice
IPS-G-CP-200 2018 P Petroleum industry - Petroleum and gas industrial wellhead and christmas tree equipment - Code of practice
IPS-G-CP-210 2021 P Petroleum industry - Standard design and construction of the burn pits-Code of practice
IPS-G-CP-300 2018 P Petroleum industry –Electric submersible pump for artificial lift in oil wells - Code of practice
IPS-G-CP-400 2020 P Determinig standard capacities, technical requirements, health, safety & environment of the skid mounted (Crude oil prefabricated rocessing units)
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