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Mandatory Standards . 50 Item
     IPS           Title     
     IPS-G-EL-130           Petroleum industry - Explosion proof rotary electrical machines - Part 1: Asynchronous electrical motors - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-PM-270           Petroleum industry - Rotary equipment- Turbines - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-IN-150           Petroleum industry - Downhole and surface measurement tools - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-IN-160           Petroleum industry - Safety valves, control valves and peripherals - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-IN-240           Petroleum industry - Custody fluid flow metering systems (liquid, gas and wet gas) - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-PM-100           Petroleum industry - Rotary equipment- Pumps - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-PM-190           Petroleum industry - Rotary equipment- Compressors - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-CP-100           Petroleum industry- Downhole sucker rod pumps - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-CP-200           Petroleum industry - Petroleum and gas industrial wellhead and christmas tree equipment - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-CP-300           Petroleum industry –Electric submersible pump for artificial lift in oil wells - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-DR-100           Petroleum industry - Downhole completion equipment - Code of practice     
     IPS-G-DR-200           Petroleum industry-Rotary drilling bits -Code of practice     
     IPS-G-DR-300           Petroleum industry- Casing and tubing for wells-Code of practice     
     IPS-G-DR-400           Petroleum industry-Drill pipes-Code of practice     
     IPS-G-DR-500           Petroleum industry-Coiled tubing-Code of practice     
     IPS-G-PI-400           Petroleum industry-Metallic Pipes for Industrial piping     
     IPS-G-PI-500           Petroleum industry-Metallic Pipes for Linepipes     
IPS-G-PI-600 Flexible Non-Metallic line pipe - pipes (RTP/TCP) -Code of practice
     IPS-G-GN-750           Petroleum industry- Alloy Steels     
     IPS-G-HT-100           Petroleum and gas industries - Design, manufacturing and operation of magnetic intelligent pigs - Technical requirements     
     IPS-T-PP-100           Petroleum products-Measurement of water in crude oil by distillation-Test method     
     IPS-T-PP-105           Petroleum products - Mesurement of water and sediment in crude oil by the centrifuge method (laboratory procedure)- Test method     
     IPS-T-PP-110           Petroleum products- Determination of density and relative density of crude oils by digital density analyzer-Test method     
     IPS-T-PP-115           Petroleum products- Distillation of heavy hydrocarbon mixtures (vacuum potstill method) -Test method     
     IPS-T-PP-120           Petroleum products- Determination of nitrogen in liquid hydrocarbons, petroleum and petroleum products by boat-inlet chemiluminescence-Test method     
IPS-M-TP-770 Plant -Applied external fusion bond epoxy Pipe coating for steel
IPS-M-TP-780 Steel tubes and fittings for onshore and offshore pipelines external liquid applied epoxy and epoxy
IPS-M-TP-800 Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries   production systems
ISIRI - 369 Petroleum products- Leaded aviation gasoline – Specifications and test methods
ISIRI - 6531 Cumene (Isopropylbenzene) manufactured via a zeolite process – Specifications
ISIRI - 17409 para-Dichlorobenzene Technical -
Specifications and test methods
ISIRI - 1205 Linear alkyl benzene - Specifications
ISIRI - 17960 Ethylbenzene – Specifications
 ISIRI - 12234 Heavy alkyl benzene - Specifications
ISIRI - 1552 Specifications for industrial grade benzene
ISIRI - 1549 Refined benzene 535-specification
ISIRI - 1551 Toluene for industrial use - Specifications
ISIRI - 17365 Toluene-chemical analysis by gas chromatography
ISIRI - 11382 Xylenes for p-Xylene feedstock- Specifications
ISIRI - 16871 High purity p-Xylene- Specification
ISIRI - 11383 o-xylene980- specifitions
ISIRI - 16782 High-flash aromatic naphthas- specification
ISIRI - 18223 VM& p naphthas- methods specification and test methods
ISIRI -17142 Fuel oils-specifications and test methods
ISIRI - 5612 Fuel-kerosine-specification
ISIRI - 257 Petroleum products- Fuels liquefied - petroleum gases- Specifications
ISIRI - 4904 Petroleum products - Fuel - Gasoline for internal combustion - Specifications
ISIRI - 4903 Petroleum industry- Oil products - Gas oil -  Specifications and test methods
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