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Iranian Petroleum Standards (IPS) have been prepared on the basis of the recognized standards, scientific publications, technical documents, accumulated knowledge and experiences in petroleum industries at national and international levels.

The history of the standards in oil industries goes back to early 70’s A.D. In those years, the first collection of standards were the equipment standards for Abadan Refinery and onshore installations, in south of Iran.
Later, gradually oil industry grew over time, and gas and petrochemical industries were developed. These industries created a collection of standards for their own use
In order to unify all the standards in the whole ministry of petroleum, an organization called department of standards was set up which operates under deputy minister of engineering, research and technology.
This organization has issued uniform standards for the whole hydrocarbon industries, called Iranian Petroleum Standards (IPS) since 1989.
Iranian Petroleum Standards are periodically reviewed and amended by the relevant technical committees in order to incorporate the views and the comments provide by Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company experts.
These Standards have been prepared in 15 technical branches, each in 6 topics group of Engineering (E), Material (M) Construction (C),Periodical Inspection (I), Testing Method and Specification (T) and general (G).
In addition to above mentioned standards literatures, standard drawings (D) have also been prepared in 7 topic groups.
The users of IPS are therefore requested to send their views and comments, including any addendum prepared for particular cases to the following address. These comments and recommendations will be reviewed by the relevant technical committee and in case of approval will be incorporated in the next revision of the standard.
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